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January 4th, 2005

Operation de-McDonaldizing [Jan. 4th, 2005|01:29 pm]
Have made two changes in the effort to de-fast foodize Brian.

Let me just say, in fairness, that it hasn't been all bad. Last year, when we were at home visiting, Brian was 18 months he developed days of fever, of green diarrhea, of rashes and sleeplessness. He didn't eat for days. No one knew what was wrong. In desperation, we took him to McDonalds and he actually ate fries and I thanked God that there was something in his stomach to keep him alive through this mysterious illness. The next day, he had four new teeth. He was a late teether, so late that not even the Tele-Health nurses recognized the typical symptoms in a boy his age.

That was the positive McDonalds experience.

Since then, it's been a question of ease when we're out all day. He can spot the logo from a kilometer away, he knows the difference between McD and Burger King, he has two indulgent parents who like to make him happy. Luckily, he has also started to eat salad when we're there, but it's been getting out of hand.

Yesterday, I bought some organic frozen fries to bake in the oven. Way less fat. I've also started making sure there are both fruit and vegetables with every meal rather than just lunch and dinner. Breakfast: tomato slices and orange sections. Lunch: yellow pepper and apple slices.

I hope I am on the right track to getting the golden arches out of our lives.
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Must write [Jan. 4th, 2005|10:17 pm]
I must write to keep my chops up, even though I don't have any ideas for articles at the moment.

But really, I only write to be read. So, this is merely a prelude to an interactive journal entry.

Here are some possible topics, all of which are almost as boring as changes I am making to Brian's diet. Tell me which, if any, topic is most interesting to you and I will write it tomorrow morning.

1. Newly realised new apartment angst
2. Changes to work out regimen
3. New career developments
4. Fears requiring visit to Frauenartz tomorrow
5. Books I've read lately and what I think of them

This is an interactive post.
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