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The Adventure Unfolds - How to choose the perfect web host: Lynna Landstreet [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kate Baggott

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How to choose the perfect web host: Lynna Landstreet [Jun. 24th, 2011|08:31 pm]
Kate Baggott
I have run my web site since 1998....I think. I don't always remember to update it. I don't even remember to visit it on a regular basis. Still, I keep it up to remind myself to archive my publications and to keep track of my portfolio. I seldom think of my web site.

There are two things that make this possible: I work with Sandy Feldman for design and maintenance and with Lynna Landstreet who provides hosting via Spider Silk Designs. Both Sandy and Lynna started out as professional contacts in the Toronto interactive media industry in the old days and, I am pleased to say, both have become friends.

So, when Designer Daily and Web Hosting Buzz asked "How to Choose the Perfect Web Host?" for their group writing project, I had the perfect answer:

Remember that web hosting is not about technology. Like everything else, web hosting is about people. If you choose people you know are reliable, they will ensure that the technology runs reliably. If you work with people you know are problem-solvers, then they will solve and hosting issues that might arise. If you feel comfortable among creative people who have their own way of doing things, then you can trust that they will respect your way of doing things too.

So far, this formula has worked for my web hosting arrangements.